CHURCH MILITANT — They want members. They charge money.

  • These evil modern religious, these phony nuns, are a desecration of the true meaning of the Religious life. My daughter is an enclosed Carmelite Sister and she, and her whole Carmel live in holy obedience to God and His Church. They witness to all who meet them the truth of God. This Derouen creature is an evil agent of Satan who is deliberately guiding people directly into Hell. She will find a special deep, dark burning place has been reserved for her because of the countless souls she has damned.
  • Did anyone else notice her last name, Derouen, is pronounced, “De Ruin?” De Ruin! Oh man, the irony!
    And what a way to “help” somebody…to encourage them in their sin.
  • I’m not surprised there are such people, I’m just surprised they are allowed to live and thrive in Catholic religious orders, which only shows the whole order is infected with poison.
  • The very first sentence shows total ignorance or brazen liar.
    “ Sr. Luisa Derouen: “I am absolutely meant by God to be a companion to transgender people.””
    ==> God defines homosexuality as an abomination
    ==> God wrote in stone that false witness is a sin
    ==> God declared that cross-dressing is a sin
    Put all together, like in basic simple maths 1+1+1=3
    That means a biological male claiming to be female and dressing as such is already a double no-no.
    That means her god isn’t the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and her belief not based on the Holy Bible.
  • The Vatican is short on money and they wonder why. It’s not hard to understand: no one wants to support fake catholics who abuse their power and God.



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Plum Street Chili

Plum Street Chili

I am a mean trashmouth Old Lady. Why do I blog? Because a Writer needs Readers like an alky needs booze.